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About us

The Dream Riddle is your space to find deeper meaning, usability and emotional substance through your dreams.

It is a platform founded by Deepanshi Tandon, a certified dreamwork professional (Institute for Dream Studies), who aims to create a non-judgmental and empathetic environment for people struggling with their mental health.

While dreams on their own can seem entirely abstract, dream therapy helps people understand the meaning within the context of their life.

It is a technique that will help you tap into your subconscious mind and release blockages that may reflect in your waking life. Based on her personal experience and studies, Deepanshi has realized that it can act as a good medium for people who have hit a roadblock in their sessions of traditional talk therapy.

If symptoms of unmedicated depression, PTSD or anxiety are still lingering in your life, then dream therapy is for you. It is a self-help tool that will help you understand the depth and meaning of your psyche.

The Dream Riddle: Vision

A world where everyone lives a more fulfilled and self-connected life

Where one feels fulfilled both in the current moment and in the big picture – because they know they are tending to their deepest needs and desires

The Dream Riddle: Mission

Helping people make real contact with themselves via dreams

Help people understand their unconscious desires, inner conflicts and feelings by honouring their dreams

My Journey

Dreams have fascinated me since childhood. They have added to my curiosity and made me more creative and imaginative. Growing up in a world where you are taught to be risk-averse, my dreams were unconfined.

After average school life, I excelled at academics in college. I stepped into the corporate world with big dreams and a can-do attitude. While my professional career was on the rise with awards and achievements, I hit the lowest phase in my personal life when I was sexually assaulted, completely crushing my confidence. I swept it under the rug not knowing that incident continued gnawing at my soul. 

I moved from one relationship to another to seek fulfilment and love. After being diagnosed with PTSD and fibromyalgia, my health deteriorated. The feeling of emptiness also started seeping in.


To deal with that, I started regular therapy sessions. While they helped, my sessions only helped tap into my conscious mind while my subconscious mind continued to struggle to release certain blockages.

That’s when I turned to my dreams for help. They provided a safe space to have a dialogue with my subconscious mind, reconnect with my inner child, release all blockages and emotions from my body. My body and mind have healed, and I live a more fulfilled and soulful life today. I continue to use dreams as a gateway to my subconscious mind. They constantly show the progress that I have made over the years.

My own experience prompted me to take this up professionally. Through dreams, I found myself, now I help others find their way and purpose.

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