Dreaming is
like filmmaking.

You are the scriptwriter, director, casting director and art director of your film. Pat yourself on the back for your creativity, your dreams will always inspire you.


You can opt for

How should you react to your dreams?

Dream therapy


It is an effective treatment for nightmares, providing relief from anxiety, depression, and even PTSD while improving overall health and well-being as well as cognitive processes.

It not just allows you to accept and integrate your core feelings but also enhances creativity and problem- solving. 

Individual Sessions

Helps in deep diving into specific needs and concerns, while developing an individualized approach 

2000 INR


Certified Dreamwork Professional

Dream Group

Provides emotional support, allows you to develop self awareness by listening to others, and sharing experiences

INR 5000 for
3 sessions 



Support Group For Bereaved Mothers

As there is no set timetable for the challenging road of grief, all we hope to provide is a compassionate and safe space for you to be vulnerable so that you can find what you need

Free of cost




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